Friday, February 25, 2011

Eric Carle and Kohl's

Kohl's department store has a community giving and volunteer program called Kohl's Cares. One way they work to benefit kids' health and education is by selling kid-friendly merchandise at $5 per item. Right now they are featuring the books of Eric Carle, another huge children's author/illustrator inspiration of mine. The stuffies that go with them are absolutely adorable! Besides this Very Hungry Caterpillar you can also get the Grouchy Ladybug, the Mixed-Up Chameleon, and the Foolish Tortoise. Thanks Kohl's and Eric Carle for doing the good work!

Currently reading The Art of Eric Carle. His childhood stories about growing up in the U.S. and Germany pre- and post-WWII are fascinating.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Six Giraffes! And Six Giraffes, welcome to the world! As soon as I purchased a copy of the print above, I knew it would be perfect for my inaugural post. It comes from The Paper Princess Finds Her Way by one of my very favorite children's authors and illustrators, Elisa Kleven. Her bright, whimsical collage captured my heart when I first met her and her stories at the Orion School Children's Authors and Illustrators Festival in 2002. Her sweet characters and bold colors pushed me to follow my own dream of writing for children. And so, here I am!

What will you find on Six Giraffes? remains to be seen, but I imagine you'll be reading about children's literature, the world of teaching and young children, as well as smatterings of my other personal passions (baking, photography, nature, philosophy, my sweet pup...) Thanks for joining me on this journey as I Find My Way!