Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend fun: alphabets

I'm in love with typography and alphabet inspired art. 
The ALPHABET is a key tool in the physical toolbox of expression.
I'm proud to honor it today, 
along with these featured artists! 
(credited whenever possible)

To start us off, here is a photo of the Celtic alphabet that hangs in my living room. I snatched it up the moment I laid eyes on it in a sweet, little shop in Dublin. It's based on the art found in the ancient Book of Kells.

{artist unknown}

As a teacher and children's book writer, I also swoon over alphabets created for children.

 My favorite board book

Admiring the intricacies of pen and pencil illustration...

Another collection of alphabet eye candy: FOUND ART

 French - avion, bicyclette, canard...

And finally farther afield...unusual examples of alphabet reverence.

And my FAVORITE of the day...

Find more ALPHABET LOVE on my Pinterest board!

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