Friday, July 29, 2011

Nobody tells beginners...

You may have seen this already or even watched the original interview with Ira Glass. I can't help but post this anyway. I passed it by once, feeling the little, nagging tug that meant I should probably listen. When I ran across it a second time, I figured I'd better give in.

Brilliant iteration by David Shiyang Liu

I love this idea of good taste. Artists need to hear stuff like this. I often wonder, unconsciously I suppose, "Why is it I've been called here to do this work, yet when I sit down to do it, it comes out so much differently than it felt inside my head??" I understand that skills need practice and time to grow strong. Still, how easy would it be for me to give up? Well as a perfectionist, very easy. But hearing that I have "good taste" is a special kind of reassurance. I need to know that eventually, someday, what I believe to be good work when I read it, will come out of my own pen. I just need to keep showing up. And read good books. And play. And be gentle with myself.

It's okay to be a beginner.

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  1. yes, yes, yes. a thousand times yes.

    you have brilliant taste + i love getting to experience it this way.

    keep it coming, lovely!