Friday, February 20, 2015

Diva's Weekly Challenge #205

Happy Lunar New Year! For this week, the Diva has challenged us to incorporate some aspect of this year's Zodiac animal - the goat. Actually, the Chinese character that stands for this year can represent multiple animals within this subgroup, according to this article depending on what other character it is paired with. So goat...sheep...take your pick!

Since I'm in the middle of a 30 Day Bijou challenge, my goat is residing on one of those two-inch tiles. Perhaps I should've added Bijou himself...

May your year be prosperous, healthy, and peaceful!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Diva's 200th Challenge

Laura Harms, the Zentangle Diva, posts a weekly challenge on her blog every Monday. I love reading the challenges and always hope that I can find time during the week to try them out. This week, she's celebrating something special, her Bi-zen-tennial! I had to do my part in getting 200 tiles shared on her page. The challenge included using your "mac-n-cheese" tangle (a familiar term for that tangle you love and always go back to) as a mono-tangle: the only tangle on the tile. She encouraged us to take it to the limit and work without a border, and of course, to include the number 200 somewhere. I continue to try to take risks and be innovative with familiar tangles. I've found, the more you work with them, the more magic just appears on the tile. I really like the one on the top right.

Congratulations and thanks to the Diva for gracing us with 200 weeks of Zentangle challenges!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Square One: Purely Zentangle

If you're looking for online Zentangle inspiration, there's a new forum happening on Facebook at Square One: Purely Zentangle ® . This group was created by two CZTs who are hoping to help people keep it simple! There is thoughtful purpose behind all aspects of the Zentangle methodology: the tiles were designed small so that art could be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Traditional Zentangle art is done with only black ink to take away extra choices that might stall a beginner.

Even accomplished CZTs who work with renaissance tiles, zendalas, and larger, colorful ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Artwork) feel comforted by returning to the simplicity of the white, square tile.

Each week, a focus tangle is suggested to give tanglers a place to start. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to post! Here was my submission for Twing. Below, I combined Verdigogh with the assignment from the Diva's Weekly Challenge: MacDee.

Here is the official description of this new Facebook group. Head on over, take a look, and post something of your own. You can do it! Zentangle people are some of the kindest in the world.

"Square One is designed to bring us back to the beginning. Zentangle® as it originated. The act of focusing on the stroke of our pen on paper to create patterns...patterns placed within a string evolving into beautiful little works of art. Artwork created with nothing more than a 3.5" x 3.5" paper tile, pen and color, no eraser, no distraction. The place where patterns are our colors and planning makes us laugh. A process which can calm the mind by being mindful of the present. We invite all who enjoy Zentangle in its purest form to join with us as we share our own little pieces of heaven created with a white [yes, only white] Zentangle tile, a black [yes, only black] micron pen and a pencil [yes, only graphite]. All artwork posted must be in this form. Posts outside of these parameters will make their way to Facebook limbo. While this page has been created by CZT™'s, all are welcomed."

Monday, April 14, 2014

The deck is complete!

I am so proud to say that I completed this enormous project! (See this post for the details.) My deck is called The Five Elements, which I chose to model after Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Metal. These 52 cards (plus one bonus) are now in North Carolina awaiting the big swap day. I can't wait to see the 52 cards I get in return.

People have asked, "Is it hard to give them away?" My answer is surprisingly, no. I think I went in with the intention that these cards would be gifts. In some ways, it made me even more perfectionistic--I wanted each one to bring a smile and a "wow" to its new owner. But as time ticked by, I found a groove and let them flow.

In my upcoming posts, I'll share more about my technique with color and give you a closer look...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Start now!

I'm a very slow and methodical person. Some of this is my nature and some of it is a symptom of the lovely condition called Perfectionism. Being careful and purposeful has its benefits, but it means that I'm not very prolific in my endeavors. There are so many tangles to be tangled, books to be read, songs to be song, that sometimes I feel frustrated getting through only the tiniest sliver.

This week I decided that Carole Ohl's beautiful Tangle-A-Day calendar will be used as a quick start meditation each day. Nevermind that I haven't tangled on any square before January 21st. Starting now is the way to ensure your goals are reached. Now isn't over on January 1st!

This calendar will be a place for "ten minute tangles"--a place to try things out and mess them up. It won't be something I aim to show off. It's a collection just for me to enjoy with no pressure to impress. So often I'm getting ready for a class or working on a project to give away, I forget to schedule time to just play.

So...purely for your inspiration, here's a peek at my week, with all its loveliness and wacky attempts at Tripoli.

What do you still want to begin? Start now!

Friday, January 17, 2014

One down, 52 to go...

A wonderful CZT named Sharon Lynn Payne recently gave us Zentangle teachers a challenge: to create a deck of 53 Artist Trading Cards to be swapped with fellow CZTs. The Artist Trading Card (ATC) is the same size as a baseball card. For many years, artists have designed these small cards in a variety of media and traded them with colleagues, either in person or by mail. Receiving a hand designed ATC is like a acquiring a mini masterpiece; it's something to be treasured.

I was so excited to join my first Zentangle swap. Not only am I looking forward to receiving 52 treasures from my talented colleagues (the 53rd cards will be compiled into a special gift deck for Rick and Maria), I'm loving the structure of creating a large scale project. I love to dream big, but following through to the end can be challenging. Seeing everyone else's works in progress (and finished decks!) online has been so inspiring. Our deadline is March 26th and I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me. But that's okay--it's fun work, and I always do best under pressure.

I created a theme based on the Five Elements. Here are the first samples from my Water cards:

Stay tuned to see how the rest are coming along!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome to the World of Zentangle®

Hi everyone!

Six Giraffes is about to get tangled--with Zentangle, that is!

What is it?

The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas created this entrancing art form as a way to make drawing accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities. 

My Story

Everyone has their own story of how they came upon the art of Zentangle. A good friend introduced me via Pinterest a few years ago. It took me awhile before jumping in, though. After the toughest year of my career, while simultaneously planning my wedding, I began learning patterns online as a way to de-stress. Instantly I was addicted! My puzzle solving brain was satisfied and happy. I spent many evenings with pen and sketchbook in hand.

The following school year, I was excited to introduce a Zentangle practice to my first graders. Mindfulness practices were already part of my curriculum, and I had a feeling that the kids would love it as much as I did. I was right. More on that later...

Later that fall, my teaching job became exceedingly overwhelming, and I began to see that I was ready for a change. Tangling became my comfort and meditation. It soothed my anxious mind and helped me to slowly embrace a new way of doing life. I made the move to leave the classroom, and as a symbol of that change, I left for the Certified Zentangle Teacher training a week after school let out.

Your Local CZT

Since then, as a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), I've had the honor of sharing this art method with many children and adults. While it's possible to teach yourself to draw the patterns from online resources, taking a class with a CZT allows you to experience the intention behind the method. You see, the Zentangle method is about more than drawing. It's also about mindfulness, risk taking, openness, and inspiration. Consider taking a class! But be careful, you might become just as addicted as the rest of us. 
Look at this friendly bunch of CZTs! I'm in the center.