Sunday, January 26, 2014

Start now!

I'm a very slow and methodical person. Some of this is my nature and some of it is a symptom of the lovely condition called Perfectionism. Being careful and purposeful has its benefits, but it means that I'm not very prolific in my endeavors. There are so many tangles to be tangled, books to be read, songs to be song, that sometimes I feel frustrated getting through only the tiniest sliver.

This week I decided that Carole Ohl's beautiful Tangle-A-Day calendar will be used as a quick start meditation each day. Nevermind that I haven't tangled on any square before January 21st. Starting now is the way to ensure your goals are reached. Now isn't over on January 1st!

This calendar will be a place for "ten minute tangles"--a place to try things out and mess them up. It won't be something I aim to show off. It's a collection just for me to enjoy with no pressure to impress. So often I'm getting ready for a class or working on a project to give away, I forget to schedule time to just play.

So...purely for your inspiration, here's a peek at my week, with all its loveliness and wacky attempts at Tripoli.

What do you still want to begin? Start now!

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  1. tripoli's a killer, i still can't do it. haha! yours looks lovely, though. and your mooks looks great with the pokeleaf :) don't you love ixorus in your first picture? i use that one a lot in my underwater stuff - like a swimming fish with long, lovely fins. welcome to the blogworld :) i am enjoying your page already! and - i found the link to it on facebook :)