Monday, April 14, 2014

The deck is complete!

I am so proud to say that I completed this enormous project! (See this post for the details.) My deck is called The Five Elements, which I chose to model after Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Metal. These 52 cards (plus one bonus) are now in North Carolina awaiting the big swap day. I can't wait to see the 52 cards I get in return.

People have asked, "Is it hard to give them away?" My answer is surprisingly, no. I think I went in with the intention that these cards would be gifts. In some ways, it made me even more perfectionistic--I wanted each one to bring a smile and a "wow" to its new owner. But as time ticked by, I found a groove and let them flow.

In my upcoming posts, I'll share more about my technique with color and give you a closer look...

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