Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's do this, '13!

I am already on fire this year and I'm so excited about lucky year '13! Big changes await on the horizon.

A special goddess guide has come into my online world this year, and her name is Leonie. Her philosophy on bringing out the goodness and shining potential in women is irresistible. So I became part of her circle. One of the many benefits to this is her Outstanding Incredible Year workbook and planner.

I've been slowly working through this puppy for the past few weeks. It's filled with planning pages, space for reflection, and my favorite, a closing ceremony for 2012. How can we move forward without reflecting on the lessons learned and giving space to release what's no longer needed?

Check it...

I'm ready to make my Action Book. This book can take any format you wish, but it is a place to write down specific steps toward achieving your goals. As I envisioned this book this morning, a funny voice inside my head said, "Wait--you think you can make a list of steps and follow through with them all on your own?" It got me thinking about a Creativity Group some friends and I had a few years back. We got so much done when we set clear goals with our partners and coaches. And now, who do I think I am, assuming I'll be able to write steps down in a book and actually do them on my own?

 Why do we rely on other people to make sure our dreams come true?

Isn't it funny how tricky it can be to actually get things done? Aren't these goals OUR DREAMS? Don't we want our dreams to come true? Now I know that dreams are just made for bringing up our resistances, and that's what typically stands in the way of us shining brightly. But what if we took away our attachments for just a brief moment, and looked at that resistance as a treasure? A sign marker for Opportunity. We have all experienced that flood of pride and release that comes with accomplishing something large or difficult or just plain undesirable. Isn't the push worth the reward? 

Someone once asked me, "Have you ever regretted a time you took a big leap of faith?" I thought for a moment and had to admit that those times, while scary beforehand, had been important foundations to some of my greatest accomplishments.

What about you?

What actions will you take this year to make your dreams come true?

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