Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magical souvenirs

I believe everyone benefits from a bit of magic in their lives. 

Magic can come in many different forms, though I've always had a tendency toward forests and fairies. No matter what I do, otherworldy beings find their way into my picture book writing. Also, anything small is completely entrancing to me. Along our trip down the coast last week, I took notice of the magical items that caught my attention. 
(please insert as many squeeeees as you like)

I could not suppress a squeal of delight when I saw this at The Garden Shed. The tagline reads:
'Create an enchanting garden that will open your eyes to the magic of the fairies. This unique mix of wildflowers, herbs, and low-growing plants grows into a miniature landscape to captivate children and adults, and provide a charming home for delightful garden sprites.'

After a breakfast treat of aebelskiver in the adorable Danish-inspired town of Solvang, CA...

I chose some jam to bring back with me.

The name makes me picture small creatures scurrying around to collect berries for their magical elixir.
Fruit of the Forest!

Also at the Garden Shed were these imagination-capturing little lands...

How sweet are these? There were many different styles including a log cabin and a zen pavilion. Look at the teeny tiny details...

I want to make one. My Guy told me perhaps when I retire...

It's so important to collect these magical souvenirs when we're out roaming the world. Even if we don't purchase them, they can stay with us in photos, sketchbooks, imagination... Getting away from my regular day-to-day inevitably brings me new ideas or reminders of things I've always loved. These are not-to-be-missed treasures! They enlighten our sense-of-self and spark our creative muses.

What captures your fancy? And how do you use it in your creative life?

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