Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Outward and beyond}: Cambria

I want to give you a peek inside a magical little shop in Cambria, California called:
The Garden Shed

Can we start with the sweet packaging? I got a little thrill when the shopkeeper, Ashley, attached this mini-bouquet to the bag.
(Note: all photos taken with iPhone--please forgive the quality!)

This treasure trove contains abundantly adorable garden-inspired pleasures.
Let's take a look, shall we?

 Woah! This is actually the busiest corner of the store, which makes those little birds hanging from the tree all the more whimsical.

I adore this whale weather vane. But I adore most weather vanes.

Botanical prints are another high-on-the-list design favorite of mine. Check out the twig frame lining the textured fabric matte. Gorgeous.

Mosaic fairy mushroom. Complete with a metal stake to hold in place outside. Yes.

Can you resist antique keys? I can't. 
This lock must be for containing magical plant elixirs in the fairies' outdoor apothecary. Very strong fairies, I suppose.

Plenty of plants adorn the outside area ready for purchase. I ended up with a container of lemon thyme to augment the collection on my kitchen window sill. These plants above are called Alkanet 'Blue Angel" (anchusa capensis).

LOTS of succulents, like this echeveria, sat sprinkled with dew.

The name of this plant was much too long to remember but no less intriguing.

Of course, no shop of wonders is complete without its own furry salesperson. Meet Abner:
(and notice the sprinkling of mosaic that delights the entire property.)

Abner would really like you to come visit, too. He has just one request:

[the Garden Shed's website]

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